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Routines that create a positive impact on your day & therefore your Career

Give yourself more time by waking up earlier
Early mornings are a chance to prepare for the day, spend time on meaningful projects.

Make your bed
Not only does this start your day out on a positive note, but it can create a chain of accomplishment that motivates you to keep working throughout the day.

Connect with your bigger goals by journaling
The act of writing and reflecting on your goals, dreams, and even feelings has been found to improve our mood and even help us perform better at work.

Meditate to prepare for whatever the day brings
Adding a habit of meditation to your morning routine helps train you to deal with things in a better and calmer way.

Schedule (and take) more breaks
Take breaks when you need them. Listen to your body and schedule regular breaks away from your screen at least every 90 minutes.

What can one do to energize themselves for the rest of their day and work?

Take a 15-20 minute nap- A short power nap can do wonders for you. Taking a short nap in the middle of your day can give you more energy than a cup of coffee or energy drink.

Eat healthy and energy-rich snacks to remain energized. like bananas, oranges, apples, almonds, or yogurt. Adjust your mindset- If you walk around all day saying things similar to “I’m so tired” or “I need rest” then your body is going to consider those thoughts as real, in turn it will impact your energy level. Convince your body and mind that you are not tired by speaking energy into your body.

Call a friend or family member- Being on the phone with someone you care about and respect and give you a boost of energy. Have people in your life who support and encourage you when you call them.

Tips to strengthen work ethics Cultivate self
Discipline and develop professionalism.
Practice punctuality, use your time wisely, and stay balanced
Form a “do it right” habit and adopt a “can do” attitude.
Build a reputation for being reliable and responsible.
Focus and Persistence.
Begin your days on a very high note and exercise regularly.
Eliminate distractions and don’t let mistakes ruin your progress

This all things will only possible when you will be able to focus on your career & you it will only happen when you will pursue or Do what you love & which profession suits you the most & for that career Domain is here to help you
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Written by- Lavanya Malhotra


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