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Every single thing we do today contributes to the future that is ahead of us &

We at Career Domain strives to ensure bright progress for every young mind out there.

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career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
career domain school seminar
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Founder & CEO
SD Abhishek

"One can be successful in their career at any age, but the sooner you find it the longer you enjoy it. As your career will be an outcome of the academic decisions you will make, it's important that you make the informed ones."

Our vision now has been turned into a large family Consisting of various industry experts,

mentors, career counsellors & off course our dearest students.

Backed by our strong expertise, experience & easy to use tech driven platform have allowed us to reach

the large number of students & help them finding the right career fields.

Mr. SD Abhishek

Certified Career Counsellor, Entrepreneur, Motivational & Public Speaker,

Member- Career Counselling Psychology Association of India



“To build a better future for India by guiding & educating students about MOST SUITED careers opportunities available to them according to their Psychological Profile & making them able to contribute in Nation Building.



“To guide students about the various career opportunities available to them according to their Personality, Natural Interest & IQ. Helping them find out their Perfect Career at the right stage to achieve it successfully and mentoring them to let them be rich with the industry experience and industry ready. Helping them be the emerging leaders in every res. field & ‘Making them Believe – ‘SKY IS THE LIMIT’.

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Our motto is to make Career Guidance accessible to each and every student across the country and let them make their talent and passion as their career & profession.

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Mentorship tradition has always been there in India from the ages, since the time of guru Dronacharya. Career Domain is continuing the same tradition with the touch of technology,   helping thousands of students by identifying what makes them special, their core & in the planning & development their career.

Our Inspiration
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Dr. Sanjay C. Raghatate

Educator, Linguist, Personal Growth Motivator, Life-Skills Coach, Corporate & Institutional Trainer

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Dr. Dipti Tulpule

Prof.- Behavioral Science & Psychologist

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