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Take CAREER DOMAIN'S Branch Selector test

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Engineering Branch Selector Test

Humanities Branch Selector Test

Commerce Branch Selector Test

Science Branch Selector Test

3 Easy Step to identify the best branch for you!!

Branch Finalization

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32 pages AI Branch Assessment Report

6 dimensional Branch Assessment

Career Planning

How career Domain's Branch selector test will help you?

6 Dimensional Branch Assessment 
  • Psychology - To identify the Your personality 

  • Career Interest  - To identify what you love

  • Multiple Intelligence - To find out your abilities, strength & weakness

  • Skills & abilities - 

  • Emotional Intelligence - to find out your behavioral changes  according to the situation

  • Orientation Style - To find out which type of Work environment motivates you

32 pages AI Branch Assessment Report
  • Artificial Intelligence Generated

      Verified by Expert career Counsellor

  • Accurate Evaluation of yourself

  • Analysis of different Industries & Career

  • Insights about your strengths & weakness

Branch Finalisation
  • Get insight about the percentage of stream combability 

  • Finalize the best branch for you after getting 360" idea about yourself.

  • Future career planning 

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Why is it important to take a BRANCH Selector Test?

55 different branches engineering

 18 in commerce and

28 In arts & Humanities


Branch selector tests help you to select the right branch which matches your wholesome interest!

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