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A Concierge is a specialist customer care employee who is also known as a Guest Relations Manager or Guest Service Worker. They are most commonly found in the hotel business; however, they may also be found in high-end office buildings and residential complexes.


Table of Contents

What are the roles of a Concierge?

  • Greeting guests/customers.

  • Manage guest/customer complaints.

  • Taking messages.

  • Managing mail, luggage and deliveries.

  • Perform basic administrative/secretarial/reception duties.

  • Running errands to assist guests.

  • Arranging transportation and excursions upon visitor request.

What Education do you need to become a Concierge?

  • Get a high school diploma

  • Take a tourism or hospitality bachelor course (an associate degree in business or administration would be beneficial for the career)

  • Get on field experience

What skills does a Concierge need?

  • excellent organizational skills, as you are always 'on duty'

  • a decent sense of humor, passion, and stamina to work long hours

  • should be really kind, caring, and patient

  • a kind demeanor, common sense, and strong communication abilities

  • the capacity to function well in a group

What are the top Universities in India which provide Concierge related courses?

  • Institute of Hotel management, New Delhi

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore

  • Parul University, Vadodara

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai

  • Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata

What are the top Universities abroad which provide Concierge related courses?

  • Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland

  • Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

  • Cornell University, USA

  • Hotelschool the Hauge, Netherlands

What are the pros & cons of working as a Concierge?


  • A variety of employment opportunities are available

  • Salary of Concierge is very good

  • Get to meet new people regularly


  • Need good communication skills

  • Long work hours/days

How much do Concierges earn?

A Concierge may make up to 6.6 Lakhs per year in India (or $55.0k per month). On the other hand, in the United States, the average concierge income is $31,200 per year, or $16 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $27,300 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to $42,900 per year.


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