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A marketing manager is responsible for leading the entire marketing or sales team of an organization. Based on marketing research studies, he or she estimates demand for products and services. The goal of identifying prospective markets, setting prices, and increasing market share is to maximize profits, increase market share, and keep customers satisfied.


“It's not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

- Brian Halligan

Table of Contents

Who is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager is responsible for leading the marketing efforts for a business, service, or product. They estimate market demand and lead a marketing team to develop and implement creative and unique strategies to drive customer interest through multiple media channels.

What are the basic qualifications needed for becoming a Marketing Manager?

The basic eligibility criteria required will be a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, with proven work experience in digital marketing.

Which Stream will be best/suitable/relevant for Marketing Managers?

The Commerce stream will be the best stream for Marketing Managers, but from any stream, one can have a career as a Marketing Manager.

Which Course will be best for Marketing Managers?

  • Advanced SEO Strategies

  • Become a Marketing Analyst

  • Become a Product Manager

  • Advanced B2B Marketing & B2B Lead Generation

  • Micro Bachelors Program in Business and Professional Communication for Success

  • Professional Certificate in Strategic Management

  • Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

What are the entrance Exams for Marketing Managers?

  • CAT

  • SET

  • SNAP

  • GMAT

  • NPAT

  • CMAT

Which skills are required to be a Marketing Manager?

  • Communication

  • Budgeting

  • Negotiation

  • Planning and Execution

  • Collaboration and Delegation

  • Adaptability

  • Empathy

Which are the best companies offering jobs as a Marketing Managers?

  • Amazon

  • IBM

  • Microsoft

  • Dell Technologies

  • Cisco Systems

  • Salesforce

  • Google

  • Oracle

What are the pros & cons / Advantages & disadvantages of working as a Marketing Manager?


  • High earning potential

  • Degree programs are readily available

  • Work in a comfortable environment

  • Can work in virtually any industry

  • High competition for jobs


  • Typically involves long hours

  • Stressful work environment

  • The pressure to meet deadlines


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