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Data Scientists look over data amounts of data, which they collect, analyze and interpret. They use this data to better understand the phenomena happening around them and gain a deeper level of understanding.


“It’s easy to lie with statistics It’s hard to tell the truth without statistics.”

— Andrejs Dunkels

Table of Contents

What are Data Scientists ?

Being a Data Scientist entails collecting, studying, analyzing and interpreting the data for a phenomenon, in order to gain a deeper understanding that goes beyond mere surface level definitions. The profession of ‘data scientist’ is an off-shoot of other adjacent professions such as statisticians and mathematicians.

What is the scope of a career for Data Scientists in India?

Within the information science and computer sciences sphere, data scientists are an integral part of these industries. The scope for this field will always be large, considering data on various phenomena will always be available as long as the world keeps spinning.

How many years will be required for study of Data Scientists ?

Most Data Scientists own a bachelor’s degree in either data science, computer science, information technology/science. Considering it is a competitive field, a master’s in the same would be more helpful.

What subject will be best/suitable/relevant for Data Scientists ?

Computer Science, Statistics and IT are ideal subjects.

What are the top universities in India to study Data Science ?

They include:

  • Jain University

  • Vellore Institute of Technology

  • Christ University

  • Loyola College

  • Fergusson College

  • Gandhi Institute of Technology

  • IIT Madras

What are the top universities out of India/Abroad to study Data Science ?

  • Columbia University, USA

  • New York University, USA

  • University of Washington, USA

  • RMIT University, Australia

  • University of Technology Sydney, Australia

  • University of British Columbia, Canada

  • Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

What are the Entrance Exams for being a Data Scientist ?

The most common entrance exams to take for this profession are:




Which skills Required to be a Data Scientist ?

Being observant and attentive to detail as well as skilled at calculations regarding biology, physics and chemistry are essential skills.

Which type of personality is best for Data Scientists ?

Those who are Data Scientists are analytical, creative and focused. According to the Myers-Briggs Test Indicator, ENTJs, INTJs, and INTPs make great web developers.

Which are the top/best companies offering jobs in the Data Science Industry?

  • Numerator

  • Cloudera

  • Splunk


  • Alteryx

  • Civis Analytics

  • Sisense

  • Oracle

What are the pros & cons / Advantage & disadvantage of working in Data Science ?


  • Learning new things everyday

  • High in demand.

  • Well paying.


  • Can be hectic, and can work late nights.

  • Can be mentally taxing, having to be in front of a screen the entire day.

  • Can be monotonous.


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