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In order for stakeholders to understand and use data to make strategic business decisions, data analysts act as gatekeepers for an organisation's data. Applicants for this role must have an undergraduate or master's degree in analytics, computer modelling, science, or maths.


“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”

– Geoffrey Moore

Table of Contents

Who is a Data Analyst?

To find the solution to a problem or provide an answer to a question, a data analyst gathers, purifies, and analyses data sets. They analyse statistical data and transform it into informative data that businesses and organisations may utilise to make important decisions. They work in a variety of fields, including as government, business, finance, law enforcement, and science.

What are the basic qualifications needed for a Data analyst?

  • The minimum requirement to become a Data analyst is a Master's Degree in Sociology, although many professionals carry doctoral degrees. Complete an undergraduate degree

  • Choose a career field

  • Obtain a master's degree

  • Gain practical experience

  • Opt for a Ph

  • Get certified

Which stream will be best/ suitable/ relevant for a Data analyst?

Those who wish to become data analysts must study Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or Economics at higher secondary school. For admission into a Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science or a related field, applicants must pass an entrance exam.

Which Course will be best for Data analysts?

You can take advantage of these top data analytics courses if you are interested in pursuing this career.

  • Data Analyst Nanodegree (Udacity)

  • Data Analyst with R (DataCamp)

  • Data Analytics Immersion (Thinkful)

  • Data Science Specialisation (Coursera)

  • Business Analytics Specialisation (Coursera)

What are the top universities in India to study Data analyst?

  • SRM University Chennai - SRM Institute of Science and Technology

  • VIT Vellore - Vellore Institute of Technology

  • Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

  • JNU Delhi - Jawaharlal Nehru University

  • MIT-WPU Pune - Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University

What are the top universities out of India/Abroad to study Data analyst?

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Imperial College London

  • The University of Texas at Austin

  • ESSEC - CentraleSupelec

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of Warwick

  • IE Spain

  • University of Southern California (USC)

  • University College Dublin

  • University of Edinburgh

Which skills are required to be a Data analyst?

  • SQL. Structured Query Language, or SQL, is the standard language used to communicate with databases

  • Statistical programming

  • Machine learning

  • Probability and statistics

  • Data management

  • Statistical visualisation

  • Econometrics

Which type of personality is best for a Data analyst?

  • The majority of data analysts are research-oriented people, meaning they are inquisitive, curious, and often prefer to work alone.

What are the best companies offering jobs as a Data analyst?

  • Accenture Analytics.

  • iTechArt.

  • Absolut Data.

  • Tableau.

  • Manthan Systems.

  • LatentView Analytics.

  • Oracle.

  • SG Analytics.

What are the pros & cons / Advantage & disadvantage of being a Data analyst?

  • Pros:

Writing queries, free food, doing analysis, forecasting, creating graphs, creating presentations, flexibility to schedule.

  • Cons:

Communication, menial tasks unrelated to job, feeling undervalued.


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