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The area of counselling known as career counselling is dedicated to assisting people in choosing the best professional path. With the aid of well crafted assessment tools, professional counsellors who specialize in career counselling offer expert assistance on an individual's potentials, aptitude, motivations, abilities, and weaknesses. These evaluation techniques combine subjectivity and objectivity. Career counsellors help people define their career goals after thoroughly examining the individual's aptitude and interests.


“The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Table of Contents

What is a Career Counselor?

Being a career counselor entails helping an individual usually a student to run-through their current positions, analyze their resources and options, and help them make an informed decision about their career or further education.

What is the scope of a career in Career Counselor in India?

In most urban spaces, the need for a career counselor has always been fulfilled. This however, need to be spread across other regions and demographics.

How many years will be required for study to be a Career Counselor?

Most simply have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a master’s in Career Counseling specifically. Then, one would need to acquire a formal certification for becoming a career counselor.

What are the top universities in India to study Couples’ Counselor?

● Rajiv Gandhi Youth Development

● Bharathiar University

What are the top universities out of India/Abroad to study Couples’ Counselor?

● University of Alabama

● University of New Orleans

What are the entrance Exams for Career Counselor?

There are none, except for a certification test to get certified.

Which skills Required to be a Career Counselor?

Good research skills, analyzing multiple types of data, and good articulation are the most important skills to have. It is also important to be both empathetic and realistic - you should be able to convey facts but also not crush the individual’s dreams.

Which type of personality is best for Career Counselor?

People within this career are usually rational and factual. According to the Myers-Briggs Test Indicator, INTJs or ENFJs would be the most ideal.

Which are the top/best companies offering jobs in the Career Counselor Industry?

Most work independently, or with educational institutions!

What are the pros & cons / Advantage & disadvantage of working as a Couples' Counselor?


● Meeting a variety of people.

● Dealing with a variety of issues and experiences.


● Can be overwhelming.

● Taking on the burden of “fixing” one’s dilemma.


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