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Watching films takes us on a beautiful journey where in we forget all that’s going on outside and just engage with the screen. But the blood, sweat and tears of the director are the things that make this journey achievable!

#Direction is a collaboration of various skills jointly in order to communicate ideas effectively. Direction is usually portrayed as a person sitting on a chair titled #DIRECTOR and shouting “action” and “cut”.

But trust us, there’s a whole world of work that isn’t visible to us. The director needs to extract and cast the best of actors, editors, cinematographers, editors, performing arts crew, sound recordists, etc besides placing one’s very own talent into the mixture of production.

Now you can’t be doing this task without having any knowledge about it, so here’s how you can become a Film Director.

In order to become a Film Maker,

students can opt for various Undergraduate and Postgraduate film making courses after completing 12th in any course.

Admission to certificate and diploma film-making courses is direct, by simply enrolling in the course.

India has some of the top film making courses who offer UG and PG in filmmaking course.

Admissions to these courses are usually done on the basis of merit of class 12th or graduation, or common state/national level Film Making Entrance Exams like BHU, UET, AMUET etc.

After this you can opt to become a film director, casting director, film editor, cinematographer etc. But honestly, a director is a mix of all these jobs! A taxing and leadership oriented job- this can get you into any leading production company like Yash Raj Films, UTV Motion Pictures etc and give you a hefty pay package!

So if you are passionate about direction and are ready to take up this glamorous yet hardworking job- then lights, camera and get into action!


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