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Psychology is one interesting term and career as well. Before we focus on the career aspect, we should focus on what the term stands for.

Psychology, the word itself creates a sensational and hypnotic tone to itself. Psychiatrists themselves have to deal with interesting patients, with a vast array of syndromes, mental conditions and illnesses.

Psychology in its entirety is gaining more traction in the recent years due to governments focusing more on mental health issues and how such issues can affect the daily performance of citizen’s lives. Corporates and businesses are investing in psychiatrics and mental health initiatives to help the mental health needs of their employees. This is shown to improve the workplace performance and the overall efficiency of the company as well. Before dive deep into the career aspects of Psychology, let us take a closer look at the various conditions an individual can suffer from.


Some Mental Illness symptoms and signs are:

Feeling sad or down: This can be associated with depression or any emotional experience throughout the day.

Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate: This can be caused due to excessive thoughts that can be a result of other exposures or experience such as Confessions.

Excessive fears or a sensation of feeling guilty: It can be result of a perceived threat or an activity that may be embarrassing or one has been embarrassed in front of their peers.

Withdrawal from friends and family: This is a definitive sign of depression. Medical help must be sought after immediately before the situation worsens.

Suicidal thoughts: This has to be treated immediately. Such thoughts can manifest due to untreated depression or Prolonged periods of negligence and abuse.

A psychiatrist has to deal with these symptoms entirely and help their patients come to a stable condition as much as they are able to.

Let us now focus on the career aspects of Psychology.

Career scope of Psychology

Psychology is gaining attention since all the industries are adopting mental health initiatives to tackle mental health issues in the workplace. This is to improve workplace culture and boost morale as well. Let us focus on the Career prospects of Psychology.

Clinical Psychology: This allows psychiatrists to work as a clinical psychiatrist in government and private hospitals. Also, they are able to work as freelancers as well.

Industrial Psychology and organization behaviour: This will allow Psychiatrists to work in the corporate environment. Apart from treating employees, they are also involved in screening of new recruits during interviews and selection.

Forensic Psychology: No, they do not treat the conditions and behaviour of corpses and cadavers, otherwise zombies would have existed. Forensic Psychiatrists are mainly responsible for treating various conditions of professionals at police departments, crime investigations branches, the military and at legal firms.

School Psychology: Psychiatrists are normally present at schools, colleges and universities. Students at various levels undergo stress and a variety of emotions such as frustration, anger, heartbreak and depression due to a variety of reasons such as performance in class or in exams, peer discussions or falling out with friends and potential loved ones. Therefore, it is paramount that they are treated at the right time to ensure that their careers are not compromised.

Sports Psychology: Athletes at the international arena or even at your local school and college are under extreme pressure from their teammates, coaches and peers to perform well at these events. They can sometimes resort to unethical means such as drug abuse and doping to cope with the stress, improve their performance and endurance. The responsibility of sports psychiatrists is to help these athletes cope with such scenarios.

To conclude this blog, it can safely be said that psychology has bright future ahead and that almost all industries across the globe will incorporate psychology. It is therefore a very paying career as well.


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