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According to the Britannica encyclopedia, “Law is the discipline and profession concerned with the customs, practices, and rules of conduct of a community that are recognized as binding by the community”. The concept of law holds unbinding importance in the concept of an organised society. It is the law that guarantees the accountability, rights and freedoms enjoyed by each and every member of a civilized society. Thus it's no wonder that the practice of law has an unparalleled importance in society. Lawyers and other law enforcement officials are responsible for upholding and enforcing the fair and correct law of the land. However law is not only limited to the governance of a country, rather its present and has implications in all other fields such as business, corporate relations, taxation and so on.

LAW as a career

As discussed previously a career in law is not only respectable but also very lucrative. It's a field that has the capacity to grow and further solidify yourself as a respectable member of the society.

Lawyers and law enforcement officials can work for both public and private sectors. The job roles are quite similar except for the few occasional differences. There are different types of lawyers by profession, such as-

1.Corporate Lawyer- A corporate lawyer is a person that specializes in enterprise and corporate legal affairs. They are generally present in the form of a law firm and provide specialised services such as acquisitions, corporate legalities, competition, finance, tax, banking, etc.

2.Litigators- A litigator is a general lawyer who has functions such as assisting prosecutors, making drafts, converse, type, and even much more.

3.Banking and Insurance: Administrative Law Officer, Specialist Law Office- As the name suggests, they are lawyers specializing in banking and insurance sectors. Insurance companies have independent lawyers on their payroll as they tend to conduct insurance investigations through them independently.

4.Public Prosecutor- A Public prosecutor is a government official who represents the government and advises them on criminal matters.

5.State-Level or Local-Level Judge- A judge is the enforcement official of a court. He passes decisions of judgement on an aggrieved party and to other victims.

6.Investigator- They are lawyers and investigators with the state agencies such as E.D, C.B.I, etc. They are responsible for conducting and enforcing directives.

7.Criminologist- He is a person specializing in criminal proceedings

8.Litigation Support Professional- They usually reinforce attorneys in the regulation of large-scale litigation. And yes, they design and contrivance databases to classify, register, regulate, and conclude large volumes of data produced every single day.

9.Solicitor- He is a lawyer who drafts petitions and offers consultation to his clients on legal

10.Paralegal- He is an assistant to a lawyer or other legal advisors.

11.Lecturer/Professor of Law- He is an academic professional who specializes in legal matters and has researched in that topic.

Is a career in law suitable for you?

Being a lawyer is no small task. It has a lot of perks associated with it such as prestige, growth and high security. However it also carries with it additional burdens as it is- time consuming, very demanding and highly competitive.

So, do you see yourself as a successful lawyer or a big corporate legal advisor,

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