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Cardiac medicine or medicine that deals with the heart. It is our most important organ in our body after our brain. The heart is a highly vascular and muscular pump in the body, with one function, to supply all our organs, from the skin right down to the smallest structure with life-giving blood. This blood is rich in Oxygen and nutrients. The heart is also responsible for pumping the deoxygenated blood, or blood that is saturated with Carbon Dioxide and Waste products to the excretory organs such as our kidneys, sweat glands and the intestine. From this explanation it can be successfully deduced that the heart indeed plays a vital role in keeping us alive. It is the job of cardiologists to ensure that this structure is kept in perfect condition.

Sounds fun right? Here is another head’s up. Technicians also have tasks that require less medical training. This allows doctors to focus on the main organ at hand. Technicians themselves are the main lifeline of a patient. The lives of the patient are in their hands and depends on their expertise. One of their main tasks is during invasive cardiac surgery. They are instructed to enter a tube into one of the main blood vessels that carry blood into the heart.

Other tasks:

Test patients for any heart problems

Take care of patients that are already suffering from cardiac problems.

Maintenance of medical equipment that are used in the cardiology field

Have practical knowledge of a variety of life saving skills

Understand the working of catheters and pacemakers and how to insert them in a patient.

Career prospect

It is a well-paid field. The Annual salary of a technician ranges from INR 3-30 Lakhs. It is therefore a well-paid profession. Aspirants require a degree in science in their Class XII and a Bachelors in either Cardiology or Cardiovascular technology.

I would like to end this on the note that Cardiovascular technology is a very promising career prospect.


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