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Should you go for career guidance or not?

Should i take career counselling

You have two choices

Random Choice

money watse

So much Money wasted on unnecessary degrees, coachings, certifications

confused even after graduation

Life goes in following others & Lifetime stress

Unsuitability/Rejections to the job

Studying No value or Unsuitable degree

Wasting lakhs on Unnecessary entrance tuition 

no career growth
career frustration
job security
wrong career descision
waste of money on useless degree
money making career
career success
career roadmap
college admission
money making career
Help in job search

Get High Paying Job

Have a job/roadmap after graduation

Do what you love

Preference in Interview

No waste of money by changing degrees

You only study what is necessary for you

Get in touch with a mentor

Looking For
psychometric assessment
career guidance
best university admission
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