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A consultation for young people, usually in adolescence or slightly younger, that provides guidance, information, and support. Any topic that creates concerns or tensions connected to studying, family engagement, sexuality and gender identity, or peer interactions may be the focus of youth counselling.


Table of Contents -

Who is a Youth Counsellor?

A youth counsellor is someone who helps guide and supervise children and teenagers.

What are the different career/profession/job options available in Youth Counselling?

  • School counsellor

  • Residential counsellor

  • Youth counsellor

  • Substance abuse counsellor

  • Career counsellor

  • Grief counsellor

  • Family counsellor

  • Camp counsellor

What is the scope of Youth Counselling in India?

There are 3 scopes of counselling and they are educational, personal/social, and/or vocational. Since you will be dealing with teenagers who are more sensitive these scopes will be used together to help the child when counselling them. The estimated salary for a youth counsellor is ₹24,646 per month in India.

Types of Youth Counsellors

  • Behavioural Therapists

  • Family Therapists

  • Group Therapists

  • School-Based Counsellors

  • Play, Art, and Other Therapists

How many years will be required to study Youth Counselling?

This field will require 6 years of education (4 years bachelor + 2 years masters) and additional 2-3 years in specialization.

What is the basic qualification needed for Youth Counselling?

​​Most opportunities in this profession require at least a bachelor's degree, while those wanting to pursue additional career prospects may need a master's degree and an internship.

What are the top universities in India to study Youth Counselling?

  1. Silchar Medical College

  2. School of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi

  3. The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

  4. Indian School of Counselling & Healing Studies (ISCHS)

  5. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

What are the top 10 universities abroad to study Youth Counselling?

  1. Birmingham City University

  2. Mount Royal University

  3. University of Aberdeen

  4. George Brown College

  5. Seneca College

  6. Indiana State University

  7. University of Southern Queensland

  8. Northeastern State University

  9. Eastern Illinois University

  10. Concordia University Chicago

What are the entrance Exams for Youth Counselling?

DUET, JNUEE, IPU CET, OUCET, BITSAT, BHU PET are some of the top entrance exams for counselling.

What skills are required to be a Youth Counsellor?

  • A commitment to young people and a grasp of the elements that influence their lives

  • Interpersonal abilities, including the ability to form positive relationships with a diverse group of people.

  • Patience, tolerance, and adaptability are required.

Which type of personality is best for a Youth Counsellor?

The Introvertive, intuitive, feeling and judging personality type is best for a counsellor.

What are the pros & cons of working in Youth Counselling?


  • You could have a pretty flexible schedule

  • You can work in many different settings

  • You will be able to have autonomy

  • You will encounter something new every day

  • You can feel good about the work you are doing


  • If you want to advance your career, you will need to further advance your education.

  • You need a licence to practice

  • Your licence is non-transferable

  • You may suffer from emotional burnout and stress

  • You could find yourself working at all hours


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