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As a child, I always wanted to understand the minds of people with a criminal background, why they did something they did? Was it a choice of their own

? Was it out of no choice? Such questions always ran on my mind. Asking answers for these for them directly was a chance I didn’t get, so I would watch movies and read books about the human psyche to understand what goes in a person’s mind when he does what he does. This is when my interest in psychology began.

It was my first psychology session where my teacher cracked a joke saying the first thing you will be asked at your home today, is Do psychology classes teach you to read minds? And to my surprise, the joke did come in reality. This is how my psychology classes were on most of the days, every day I learned new topics, new answers, and the most important of all - new perspectives. It thought me how difficult it is to not judge people on their appearance, talk or walk – even though we all know it’s not right to judge anyone, we all do at some point in time or the other.

Today, still a student even after hundreds of psychology classes I look up to what my teacher has to say with my jaw-dropping. Still answering with a “No I don’t read minds” to the same old question “Do psychologists read minds?” but the only difference is that back then I would find the person asking this question as an ill-literate but today I think about the reasons or influences that brought him/her to this thought. I am not the same person, my thoughts, ideas, and views have changed. My urge to find answers to much more complex questions has reached heights. To me psychology will always be a book that has answers to all my questions, I just have to find the right page to get solutions. There is a fire in me that rages when I hear people with mental health issues not addressing it or when someone tells an anxiety issue is something that goes away if u have a good sleep, depression is because of you using your phone, and you convince yourself that you are fine when you are not. The concept of mental health is emerging slowly to the limelight, people are being vocal about it. At the same time, it’s frustrating when people equalize sadness to depression, panic to anxiety – without knowing what a depressed or anxious person goes through in difficult times.

And as a matter of decision, choosing the right career at the right point in time is very important. To start I would say I am happy to have had an interest in a particular subject and be pursuing it. But I see a lot of students very confused as to what career to pursue. To these students all I would like to say is that IT’S OKAY, TO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I suggest that you take up a session of career counseling – choose a career of your interest and make money from it another best way is to have conversations with people of different fields – it gives you a clear idea of what work that job involves, what is the opinion of the job holder and his experience. In this way, you can choose a career that best suits you and your skills. Having a career plan as early as it’s possible is an advantage – otherwise, it can cause some years of unnecessary subjects of learning.

The only thing to keep in mind is not to fall for the trap of pressure – pressure from parents, friends, relatives, or anyone you know of, because it’s your life and a choice that has to be made by you.

To conclude – Choose a career you would love, and you will not have to struggle a day in your life


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