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With the new rule that admissions to undergraduate courses in all 45 central universities in India will be based on the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) score, the students of India have entered into a new level of panic!

This can turn out to be a boon or bane for the country’s students. Boon because students don’t need to get too worked up about their grade 12 marks so much, don’t need to kill for that magic number 90. But such a thing can also prove to be a bane since students will become laid back, not study through grade 12 and only become serious in the last few months of the year to study for the entrances.

New Rules For College Admissions:

#1 College admissions will not be based on class 12 marks from now on. It'll be based on a Common Entrance test (CUET) Said by University Grants Commission(UGC)

#2 The students are expected to appear for the CUET which will be held on first week of July in online mode.

Application will begin in April 2022

Anyone who has passed class 12 is eligible for CUET

#3 Besides the common test, Universities are free to fix the threshold score of class 12 admissions.

#4 Pattern of CUET Test - Test will include computer based multiple choice questions, (Similar to US style SAT exam).

Examination will be set up across India Conducted by the National Testing Agency (#NTA).

#5 Including centrally-run universities like Delhi University & Jawaharlal Nehru University, Private & state run universities are expected to follow the same guidelines.

Hopefully this decision proves helpful for our students since the government wouldn’t do anything that’ll harm their academics. So all you students, gear up! Don’t get let down by this hindrance, believe in yourselves and in all that you are and remember you’re so much greater than all the obstacles thrown at you!

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