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A scientist who concentrates their research on a particular issue or area outside the purview of Earth is called an astronomer in the science of astronomy. They perform observational (by evaluating the data) or theoretical astronomy when observing astronomical objects including stars, planets, moons, comets, and galaxies. Planetary science, solar astronomy, the creation or evolution of stars, or the formation of galaxies are a few examples of subjects or domains that astronomers investigate. Physical cosmology, which investigates the entire Universe, is a similar but separate topic.


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Who are Astronomers?

An astronomer is a scientist who studies astronomy and concentrates on a certain issue or field outside the purview of Earth. They study celestial objects such as stars, planets, moons, comets, and galaxies through observational (data analysis) or theoretical astronomy.

What are the basic qualifications needed for Astronomers?

  • Earn a four-year Bachelor of Science in Physical Science with a concentration in astronomy or physics. Some colleges offer degrees in astrophysics, which is a combination of astronomy and physics.

  • Earn a master's degree in physics or astronomy. This two-year phase of the astronomer training process focuses on specialized classes, research opportunities, and the completion of a master's thesis on a specific topic or idea in astronomy.

  • Complete a Ph.D.

Which stream will be best/ suitable/ relevant for Astronomers?

Take normal and advanced high school physics, math, and chemistry classes. This is the first step in learning about astronomy.

Which Course will be best for Astronomers?

  • MSc in astronomy.

  • MSc in astrophysics.

  • MSc in meteorology.

  • PhD in astronomy.

  • PhD in astronomy and astrophysics.

  • PhD in astrophysics.

  • PhD in atmospheric science and astrophysics.

What are the top universities in India for being an Astronomer?

  • Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital

  • Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore

  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram.

What are the top universities out of India/Abroad for being an Astronomer?

  • MIT, USA

  • Stanford University, USA

  • Harvard University, USA

  • University of California, Berkley

  • California Institute of Technology

Which skills are required to be an Astronomer?

You'll need:

  • math knowledge.

  • knowledge of physics.

  • analytical thinking skills.

  • science skills.

  • excellent verbal communication skills.

  • the ability to use your initiative.

  • the ability to think clearly using logic and reasoning.

  • concentration skills

Which type of personality is best for Astronomers?

Astronomers are mostly investigative persons, which means they are inquisitive and curious individuals who enjoy spending time alone with their ideas. They are also artistic, which means they are creative and innovative and operate best in an environment that allows for self-expression.

What are the best companies offering jobs as Astronomers?

  • New Mexico State University

  • Troy 7, Inc

  • Draper

  • Texas A&M University – Commerce

  • University of California Santa Cruz

What are the pros & cons / Advantage & disadvantage of as Astronomers?


  • Good Salary

  • Developing field


  • Not a lot of positions

  • Long work hours


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